Exposure Value Calculator


About Exposure Value Calculator (Formula)

The Exposure Value (EV) Calculator is a tool used in photography to determine the combination of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings that achieve a desired exposure. Exposure value is a way to standardize the various settings for different lighting conditions. The formula for calculating exposure value is as follows:

EV = log2(N² / t)


  • EV: The exposure value, representing a standardized measure of exposure.
  • N: The aperture value (f-number).
  • t: The shutter speed in seconds.

Exposure value calculations help photographers adjust their settings for optimal exposure while maintaining creative control over factors like depth of field and motion blur. A higher EV value corresponds to a greater amount of light entering the camera, resulting in a brighter image.

The Exposure Value Calculator simplifies the process of determining the appropriate settings for different lighting conditions, assisting photographers in achieving well-exposed and visually appealing photographs. It’s especially useful for those who wish to balance technical precision with artistic creativity.

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