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About Expense Ratio Calculator (Formula)

An “Expense Ratio Calculator” is a tool used to determine the expense ratio of a mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF). The expense ratio is a measure of the fees and costs associated with managing and operating a fund, expressed as a percentage of the fund’s total assets. This calculator is crucial for investors to assess the impact of fees on their investment returns and make informed decisions about fund choices. The formula for calculating the expense ratio provides insights into the proportion of fund assets that go towards covering management expenses.

The formula for calculating Expense Ratio is:

Expense Ratio = (Total Fund Expenses) / (Total Fund Assets)


  • Expense Ratio is the percentage of the fund’s assets used to cover expenses.
  • Total Fund Expenses are the total costs incurred by the fund, including management fees, administrative expenses, and other operational costs.
  • Total Fund Assets are the total value of the fund’s assets under management.

This formula calculates the ratio of expenses to assets and expresses it as a percentage.

For example, if a mutual fund has total expenses of $10 million and total assets of $500 million, the expense ratio would be:

Expense Ratio = ($10 million) / ($500 million) = 0.02 or 2%

This means that the fund’s expenses account for 2% of its total assets.

The Expense Ratio Calculator is used by investors to compare the cost-effectiveness of different funds and assess the impact of fees on investment returns. Funds with lower expense ratios are generally considered more cost-efficient for investors.

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