Expansion Tank Pressure Calculator


About Expansion Tank Pressure Calculator (Formula)

The Expansion Tank Pressure Calculator is a tool used to determine the pressure inside an expansion tank based on the tank head and the density of the fluid it contains.

The formula for calculating the Expansion Tank Pressure is as follows:

Expansion Tank Pressure = (Tank Head * Fluid Density) / 144


  • Tank Head is the vertical distance between the fluid level in the tank and the reference point at the top (measured in feet).
  • Fluid Density is the density of the fluid in the tank (measured in pounds per cubic foot).

By inputting the tank head and fluid density values into the calculator, users can obtain the expansion tank pressure, which is typically measured in pounds per square inch (psi). This information is important in various applications, such as designing and sizing expansion tanks for proper pressure management in systems handling fluids or gases with changing volumes due to temperature variations or other factors.

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