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About Ellipse Foci Calculator (Formula)

An Ellipse Foci Calculator is a mathematical tool designed to determine the foci of an ellipse, a commonly encountered geometric shape in mathematics and engineering. Foci are essential points within an ellipse, influencing its shape and properties.

Formula for Ellipse Foci Calculation:

To calculate the foci of an ellipse, you need information about the major and minor axes, as well as the center of the ellipse. The formula for finding the foci of an ellipse is based on the distances between the center (h, k) and the foci (F1 and F2) along the major axis:

The distance between the center and each focus (c) is calculated using the following formula:

f = √(a² – b²)


  • c: The distance between the center and each focus.
  • a: The length of the semi-major axis, which is half the length of the major axis.
  • b: The length of the semi-minor axis, which is half the length of the minor axis.

The foci are then located at the coordinates (h + c, k) and (h – c, k), where (h, k) is the center of the ellipse.


  1. Geometry Education: The Ellipse Foci Calculator is often used in mathematics education to teach students about ellipses and their properties.
  2. Engineering and Design: Engineers and designers use this calculator to understand and manipulate the shapes of ellipses in various applications, such as optics, architecture, and automotive design.
  3. Astronomy: In astronomy, ellipses are used to describe the orbits of celestial bodies, and calculating the foci is crucial for understanding the dynamics of these orbits.
  4. Art and Design: Artists and graphic designers may use ellipses with specific foci to create visually appealing and precise designs.

In summary, the Ellipse Foci Calculator involves calculations that assist in determining the foci of an ellipse, offering valuable insights for various mathematical, engineering, and design applications.

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