Discounted Price Calculator


About Discounted Price Calculator (Formula)

The Discounted Price Calculator is a tool used to determine the discounted price of a product or item based on its original price and the discount percentage. It aids individuals in calculating the reduced price after applying a discount. The formula for calculating the discounted price involves considering the original price and the discount percentage.

Formula for calculating discounted price:

Discounted Price = Original Price – (Original Price * Discount Percentage)

In this formula, “Original Price” represents the initial price of the item, and “Discount Percentage” represents the percentage of the discount applied. Multiplying the original price by the discount percentage and subtracting the result from the original price provides the discounted price.

For example, let’s say an item has an original price of $100 and a discount of 20%. The discounted price would be calculated as follows:

Discounted Price = $100 – ($100 * 0.20) = $80

This means that the discounted price of the item, after applying a 20% discount, is $80.

The Discounted Price Calculator simplifies the process of determining the reduced price after applying a discount, aiding individuals in budgeting and making informed purchasing decisions. By inputting the original price and the discount percentage, the calculator quickly provides the discounted price, allowing individuals to assess the savings and make informed choices regarding discounted products or items.

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