Consulting Fees Calculator


About Consulting Fees Calculator (Formula)

Consulting Fees Calculator is a tool for calculating consulting fees per hour based on the annual salary and average number of hours billed per day.

The formula is as follows:

Consulting Fees = Desired Annual Salary / 52 / 40 * (1 / (Percentage of Hours Billed / 100))

In this formula, the consulting fees per hour are calculated by dividing the desired annual salary by 52 weeks and 40 hours per week, and then multiplying it by the inverse of the percentage of hours billed per day.

Usually, the percentage of hours billed depends on how much time a consultant expects to spend on billable work out of their total workday. For example, if a consultant expects to bill for four hours out of an eight-hour day, the percentage would be 50%.

Based on their desired income and anticipated workload, consultants can use the Consulting Fees Calculator to determine a fair and appropriate rate. In this way, the consultant can be compensated fairly and clients can also receive a competitive rate for their services.

As a whole, the Consulting Fees Calculator provides consultants with an easy-to-use tool for estimating their hourly rate based on their desired income and workload. It is possible for consultants to ensure that their fees are fair and appropriate, while also staying competitive on the market, by using this calculator.

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