Compa Ratio Calculator


About Compa Ratio Calculator (Formula)

A Compa Ratio Calculator is a tool used in human resources and compensation management to assess how an employee’s current salary compares to the targeted or benchmark salary for their position. The compa ratio is expressed as a percentage and helps HR professionals and employers understand if an employee’s salary is above, below, or at the desired level relative to the market or internal pay structure. This calculator aids in making data-driven decisions regarding employee compensation and salary adjustments. The formula used to calculate the compa ratio is:

Compa Ratio = (Current Salary / Target Salary) × 100


  • Compa Ratio represents the percentage that indicates how the employee’s current salary compares to the target or benchmark salary for their position.
  • Current Salary is the employee’s existing salary.
  • Target Salary is the desired or benchmark salary for the employee’s position, usually determined based on industry standards, market rates, or internal pay structures.

The compa ratio can be higher than 100% (indicating the salary is above the target), equal to 100% (indicating the salary is at the target), or lower than 100% (indicating the salary is below the target).

Using the Compa Ratio Calculator involves these steps:

  1. Input: Enter the employee’s current salary and the target salary for their position into the calculator.
  2. Calculation: The calculator applies the formula to calculate the compa ratio as a percentage.
  3. Output: The calculator displays the calculated compa ratio.

This tool is particularly useful for HR professionals and employers when conducting salary reviews, determining pay adjustments, and ensuring fair and competitive compensation practices.

In the field of human resources and compensation management, the compa ratio is a valuable metric for assessing employee compensation levels and maintaining competitive salary structures.

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