Chain Sag Calculator


About Chain Sag Calculator (Formula)

The Chain Sag Calculator is a tool used to calculate the sag, or deflection, in a chain hanging between two points. Chains are commonly used in a variety of applications, such as lifting heavy loads or securing objects in place. In order to ensure that a chain can support the required weight, it is important to calculate the sag that will occur due to the weight of the load and the tension in the chain.

The formula used to calculate chain sag is:

S = w * l^2 / (8 * T)


  • S is the chain sag (in)
  • w is the weight per unit length (lb/in)
  • l is the length of the span (in)
  • T is the total tension (lb)

This formula takes into account the weight of the chain itself, as well as the weight of the load it is supporting, to calculate the amount of sag that will occur over the span between two points. It is important to note that this formula assumes a uniform load distribution, and that the chain is perfectly flexible and weightless.

The Chain Sag Calculator simplifies this process by providing a user-friendly interface for inputting the required variables and calculating the resulting chain sag. By using this tool, engineers and technicians can quickly and accurately determine the appropriate length and tension of the chain required for a given application, ensuring that the chain is capable of supporting the load without breaking or sagging too much.

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