Capacitor Discharge Time Calculator



Welcome to the Capacitor Discharge Time Calculator, a powerful tool designed to help you determine the discharge time of a capacitor. Whether you’re a student, engineer, or electronics enthusiast, this calculator simplifies the process of calculating the time it takes for a capacitor to discharge through a resistor.

How to Use

Using the Capacitor Discharge Time Calculator is straightforward. Enter the values of the capacitor’s capacitance (C) in farads and the resistor’s resistance (R) in ohms. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the discharge time (t) in seconds. This tool provides a quick and efficient way to obtain accurate discharge time results.


The discharge time of a capacitor through a resistor is calculated using the formula:


  • is the discharge time,
  • is the resistance,
  • is the capacitance,
  • is the initial voltage across the capacitor, and
  • is the final voltage across the capacitor.


Suppose we have a capacitor with a capacitance of 0.001 farads and a resistor with a resistance of 1000 ohms. If the initial voltage () is 10 volts and the final voltage () is 2 volts, the discharge time () can be calculated using the provided formula.


Q: How accurate is this calculator for real-world applications?

A: The calculator provides accurate results based on the theoretical discharge formula. However, real-world factors such as capacitor leakage and component tolerances may affect accuracy.

Q: Can I use this calculator for capacitors with high voltages?

A: Yes, the calculator is applicable to capacitors with various voltage ratings. Ensure the input values are within the specified voltage limits of your components.


In conclusion, the Capacitor Discharge Time Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone working with capacitors and resistors. It streamlines the process of determining discharge times, making it easier to design and analyze electronic circuits.

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