Bullet Energy Calculator


About Bullet Energy Calculator (Formula)

The Bullet Energy Calculator is a physics tool used to determine the kinetic energy of a bullet or projectile based on its mass and velocity. It aids in ballistics, firearm analysis, and understanding the impact force of projectiles. The formula for calculating bullet energy involves using the mass of the bullet and its velocity.

Formula for calculating Bullet Energy:

Bullet Energy = 0.5 * Mass of Bullet * (Velocity of Bullet)^2

In this formula:

  • “Mass of Bullet” represents the mass of the bullet or projectile, typically measured in kilograms (kg) or grains (gr).
  • “Velocity of Bullet” is the speed of the bullet, typically measured in meters per second (m/s) or feet per second (fps).

For example, if a bullet has a mass of 10 grams and travels at a velocity of 800 m/s, the bullet energy would be calculated as follows:

Bullet Energy = 0.5 * 0.01 kg * (800 m/s)^2 = 3200 joules

This means that the bullet has an energy of 3200 joules.

The Bullet Energy Calculator simplifies the process of determining bullet energy, aiding firearms enthusiasts, ballistics experts, and researchers in analyzing projectile performance and understanding the kinetic energy delivered by bullets upon impact. By inputting the mass and velocity of the bullet, the calculator quickly provides the bullet’s energy, helping users make informed decisions regarding ammunition selection and shooting applications.

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