Breakaway Torque Calculator


About Breakaway Torque Calculator (Formula)

The Breakaway Torque Calculator is a tool used to determine the amount of torque required to overcome the initial resistance, known as the breakaway force, when rotating a screw or fastener. This calculator uses the formula:

Breakaway Torque = Breakaway Force * Screw Lead / (2 * π)

The breakaway force is measured in pounds-force (lbf) and represents the force needed to initiate the motion of the screw or fastener. The screw lead, measured in inches (in), refers to the distance the screw advances in one complete rotation.

By entering the values for breakaway force and screw lead into the calculator, the Breakaway Torque Calculator swiftly calculates the amount of torque needed to overcome the initial resistance. The resulting breakaway torque is measured in pound-force inches (lbf-in).

This calculator is particularly useful in engineering and mechanical applications where accurate torque calculations are essential for determining the appropriate torque specifications, selecting suitable motors or actuators, and ensuring the stability and reliability of screw-driven systems.

Using the Breakaway Torque Calculator eliminates the need for manual calculations and provides a quick and reliable method for determining the necessary torque to overcome the initial resistance when rotating screws or fasteners.

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