Bad Debt Expense Calculator


About Bad Debt Expense Calculator (Formula)

The Bad Debt Expense Calculator is a tool used to estimate the amount of uncollectible accounts or loans that a business or individual is likely to experience. Bad debt expense refers to the portion of accounts receivable or loans that are expected to become unrecoverable. The formula for calculating bad debt expense is as follows:

Bad Debt Expense = Total Accounts Receivable × Bad Debt Percentage


  • Bad Debt Expense: The estimated expense for accounts receivable that will likely not be collected.
  • Total Accounts Receivable: The total amount owed to the business by customers or borrowers.
  • Bad Debt Percentage: The percentage of accounts receivable that is anticipated to be uncollectible.

This calculation is essential for financial reporting and accurately reflecting the financial health of a business. Bad debt expense is typically recorded as an allowance for doubtful accounts or as a reduction in accounts receivable.

The Bad Debt Expense Calculator aids businesses in estimating the impact of uncollectible accounts on their financial statements and helps with planning and budgeting for potential losses. It’s important for businesses to regularly assess and adjust their bad debt expense estimates to ensure accurate financial reporting.

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