Average Variable Cost Calculator


About Average Variable Cost Calculator (Formula)

The Average Variable Cost (AVC) is a measure of the cost of production that varies with the level of output. It is calculated by dividing the total variable cost (TVC) by the quantity of output. The formula for calculating the AVC is:

AVC = TVC / Quantity


  • TVC (Total Variable Cost) is the sum of all variable costs incurred in the production process. Variable costs are costs that vary with the level of output, such as raw materials, labor, and energy costs.
  • Quantity is the level of output, usually measured in units.

The AVC is a measure of the efficiency of production and it is important for businesses to keep track of their AVC in order to identify areas where costs can be reduced and to set prices that allow them to earn a profit. Average variable cost is an important indicator of the production and cost efficiency of a company.

Average Variable Cost calculators are commonly used in economics, finance, and business management to calculate the average variable cost of production and to evaluate the efficiency of the production process.

They can be found in spreadsheet software or as online calculators and can be used to calculate the average variable cost based on the total variable cost and quantity of output.

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