Armature Resistance Calculator


About Armature Resistance Calculator (Formula)

The Armature Resistance Calculator is a tool used to determine the resistance of an armature in an electrical system. The armature resistance refers to the resistance encountered by the electrical current flowing through the armature of a motor or generator.

The formula used to calculate the armature resistance is as follows:

Armature Resistance (Ra) = (Voltage (V) – Back E.M.F. (E)) / Current (I)

In this formula, the voltage represents the applied voltage across the armature, the back electromotive force (EMF) is the induced voltage opposing the applied voltage, and the current is the electrical current flowing through the armature.

By inputting the values of voltage, back EMF, and current into the Armature Resistance Calculator, the result is obtained, providing the armature resistance in ohms. This information is valuable for analyzing and designing electrical systems, as it helps in understanding the behavior and performance of motors and generators.

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