Annual Holding Cost Calculator


About Annual Holding  Calculator (Formula)

An Annual Holding Cost Calculator is a tool used in inventory management and supply chain optimization to estimate the total cost of holding and storing inventory over a year. This calculation is important for businesses to assess the financial impact of inventory storage, carrying costs, and related expenses. The formula used to calculate the annual holding cost involves various factors, including the cost of capital, storage costs, and demand.

The formula for calculating Annual Holding Cost (AHC) is:

Annual Holding Cost (AHC) = (Average Inventory Level / 2) × Cost of Holding per Unit × Time Period


  • Annual Holding Cost (AHC) is the total cost of holding and storing inventory over a year.
  • Average Inventory Level is the average quantity of inventory held during the time period.
  • Cost of Holding per Unit is the cost of holding one unit of inventory for the time period, including factors like storage, insurance, and obsolescence costs.
  • Time Period is the duration for which the holding cost is calculated (typically a year).

Using the Annual Holding Cost Calculator involves these steps:

  1. Input: Enter the average inventory level, cost of holding per unit, and the time period (usually in years) into the calculator.
  2. Calculation: The calculator applies the formula to estimate the annual holding cost.
  3. Output: The calculator displays the calculated annual holding cost in currency units.

This tool is particularly useful for inventory managers, supply chain analysts, and business owners who want to optimize inventory levels and minimize holding costs.

For example, if the average inventory level is 1,000 units, the cost of holding per unit is $5, and the time period is 1 year, the Annual Holding Cost Calculator will estimate the total annual cost of holding inventory.

In supply chain management, calculating annual holding costs helps businesses make informed decisions about order quantities, reorder points, and inventory policies to optimize costs and meet customer demand.

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