Ampere Hour Calculator



Calculating Ampere-hours (Ah) is essential for determining the capacity of a battery, an indispensable metric in various applications. In this article, we’ll provide a user-friendly Ampere Hour Calculator using HTML and JavaScript.

How to Use

  1. Input the current (in Amperes) and time (in hours).
  2. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the Ampere-hours.


The formula for calculating Ampere-hours is straightforward:Ah=Current×Time.


Suppose you have a current of 5 Amperes flowing for 3 hours. The calculation would be Ah=5 A×3 h=15 Ah.


Q: Why is Ampere-hour calculation important?
A: Ampere-hour calculation is crucial for estimating how long a battery can sustain a given current, helping in planning power usage efficiently.

Q: Can this calculator be used for any type of battery?
A: Yes, the Ampere Hour Calculator is versatile and can be applied to various battery types.

Q: What units should be used for current and time inputs?
A: Input current in Amperes (A) and time in hours (h) for accurate results.

Q: Is the provided formula the most accurate for Ampere-hour calculation?
A: Yes, the formula Ah=Current×Time is the standard and precise method for Ampere-hour calculations.


This Ampere Hour Calculator simplifies the process of determining battery capacity. Whether you’re dealing with rechargeable batteries or exploring energy storage solutions, this tool proves to be invaluable.

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