Accumulated Depreciation Calculator


About Accumulated Depreciation Calculator (Formula)

The Accumulated Depreciation Calculator is a financial tool used to calculate the total depreciation value of an asset over its useful life. It aids in tracking the reduction in an asset’s value due to wear, tear, and obsolescence, which is important for accurate financial reporting and tax purposes. The formula for calculating accumulated depreciation is straightforward and involves subtracting the asset’s initial cost (or salvage value) from its current book value.

Formula for calculating Accumulated Depreciation:

Accumulated Depreciation = Initial Cost of Asset – Current Book Value of Asset

In this formula:

  • “Initial Cost of Asset” represents the original purchase price of the asset.
  • “Current Book Value of Asset” refers to the current value of the asset after accounting for all accumulated depreciation.

The Accumulated Depreciation Calculator simplifies the process of calculating the accumulated depreciation of assets, making it useful for accountants, financial analysts, and business owners. By inputting the initial cost and current book value of the asset, the calculator provides the accumulated depreciation, facilitating accurate financial reporting and analysis.

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