5 Year Loan Repayment Calculator



Calculating loan repayments is an essential task for anyone considering a long-term financial commitment. To simplify this process, a 5-Year Loan Repayment Calculator can be a valuable tool. In this article, we’ll provide you with a functional HTML and JavaScript code for a calculator that accurately computes loan repayments based on the most precise formula.

How to Use

  1. Enter the loan amount in the designated input field.
  2. Input the annual interest rate.
  3. Specify the loan term in years.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the monthly repayment amount.


The formula for calculating monthly loan repayments is given by:


  • is the monthly payment,
  • is the principal loan amount,
  • is the monthly interest rate (annual rate divided by 12), and
  • is the total number of payments (loan term multiplied by 12).


Let’s say you borrow $50,000 with an annual interest rate of 5% for a 5-year term. Plugging in these values into the formula, the monthly repayment would be calculated as follows:


Q1: Is this calculator suitable for any type of loan?

A1: While the formula used here is generally applicable, it’s primarily designed for fixed-rate loans.

Q2: How accurate is the formula used in the calculator?

A2: The formula is precise and widely accepted for calculating fixed-rate loan repayments. However, it doesn’t account for additional factors like taxes or insurance.

Q3: Can I use this calculator for variable interest rate loans?

A3: This calculator is optimized for fixed-rate loans. For variable rates, the formula and code would need adjustments.


In conclusion, a 5-Year Loan Repayment Calculator provides a quick and accurate way to estimate monthly loan repayments. By understanding the inputs and the formula behind it, users can make informed financial decisions.

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