10 Year Heart Risk Calculator



Calculating the 10-year heart risk is crucial for understanding cardiovascular health. A dedicated calculator simplifies this process, providing a quick assessment of potential risks based on various factors. In this article, we will introduce a functional 10-Year Heart Risk Calculator, complete with HTML and JavaScript code.

How to Use

To utilize the 10-Year Heart Risk Calculator, input the required information in the provided fields. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the risk percentage. The calculator considers factors such as age, gender, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and smoking habits to generate an accurate estimation.


The calculation for 10-year heart risk typically involves complex algorithms that consider various risk factors. The Framingham Heart Study is often utilized, incorporating age, gender, cholesterol levels, systolic blood pressure, and smoking status. The formula might vary based on the specific risk assessment tool used.


Let’s consider an example where a 45-year-old male with normal cholesterol levels, a systolic blood pressure of 120 mmHg, and a non-smoker. The calculator will process these inputs to provide an estimate of the individual’s 10-year heart risk.


Q: How accurate is the 10-Year Heart Risk Calculator?
A: The accuracy depends on the underlying risk assessment model. Common models, like the Framingham Heart Study, have been widely validated and are considered reliable.

Q: Can the calculator be used for all age groups?
A: The calculator is primarily designed for adults and may not provide accurate results for individuals outside the specified age range.

Q: What factors contribute to the 10-year heart risk calculation?
A: Age, gender, cholesterol levels, systolic blood pressure, and smoking status are the key factors considered in the calculation.


The 10-Year Heart Risk Calculator serves as a valuable tool in assessing cardiovascular health. By incorporating key risk factors, it provides individuals with insights into potential health risks. Utilize this calculator regularly for proactive health management.

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