Zener Voltage Calculator


About Zener Voltage Calculator (Formula)

The Zener voltage calculator is a helpful tool used to estimate the Zener voltage of a Zener diode circuit. A Zener diode operates in the reverse breakdown region of its current-voltage characteristic curve, meaning it can maintain constant voltage across its terminals regardless of changes in input current.

The Zener voltage of a Zener diode is an essential parameter that dictates its operation. It’s measured as the voltage at which it begins to conduct current in reverse direction; this voltage may also be referred to as breakdown voltage or knee voltage.

The formula for calculating the Zener voltage of a Zener diode circuit is quite simple. It is given by:

Vz = Vs – Vr


  • Vz is the Zener voltage
  • Vs is the input voltage
  • Vr is the voltage drop across a resistor.

This formula takes the input voltage (the voltage applied across a Zener diode circuit) and subtracts it from the drop across a resistor. Subtracting this drop from the input voltage allows us to calculate the Zener voltage.

The Zener voltage calculator uses this formula to quickly and accurately calculate the Zener voltage of a Zener diode circuit. All you have to do is enter your input voltage, along with any voltage drop across a resistor, into the calculator, and it will instantly display your Zener voltage.

In conclusion, the Zener voltage calculator is an invaluable asset to those working with Zener diodes or circuits utilizing them. By providing a fast and straightforward method to calculate Zener voltages, it can save time during design and testing of Zener diode circuits.

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