Wire Distance Calculator


About Wire Distance Calculator (Formula)

A Wire Distance Calculator is a tool used to estimate the voltage drop or loss in electrical wires over a given distance. The formula for calculating wire distance typically involves the following variables:

Voltage Drop = (Current x Distance x Resistance) / 1000

Let’s break down the variables in this formula:

  1. Current: This represents the electrical current flowing through the wire, typically measured in amperes (A).
  2. Distance: This refers to the length of the wire over which the voltage drop is being calculated, typically measured in feet (ft) or meters (m).
  3. Resistance: This represents the electrical resistance of the wire, typically measured in ohms (Ω) per unit length.

By multiplying the current, distance, and resistance, and then dividing the result by 1000, you can estimate the voltage drop across the wire.

The voltage drop is an important consideration in electrical installations as excessive voltage drop can lead to performance issues and reduced efficiency of electrical devices.

A Wire Distance Calculator serves as a useful tool for electricians, engineers, and individuals working with electrical systems. It aids in estimating voltage drop, optimizing wire sizes for efficient power transmission, and ensuring the proper functioning of electrical circuits and equipment.

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