Wet Bulb Calculator


About Wet Bulb Calculator (Formula)

The Wet Bulb Calculator is a tool used to determine the wet bulb temperature, which is a measure of humidity and temperature combined. Wet bulb temperature is particularly important in assessing the heat stress on the human body and understanding the moisture content in the air. The formula for calculating wet bulb temperature involves considering the ambient air temperature, the relative humidity, and the atmospheric pressure:

Wet Bulb Temperature = Ambient Temperature × (arctan[0.151977 × (RH + 8.313659)^0.5] + arctan[Ambient Temperature + RH] – arctan[RH – 1.676331] + 0.00391838 × (RH)^1.5 × arctan[0.023101 × RH] – 4.686035)


  • Wet Bulb Temperature: The temperature at which air becomes saturated with moisture through evaporative cooling.
  • Ambient Temperature: The actual air temperature.
  • RH: The relative humidity, expressed as a percentage.

The Wet Bulb Calculator is vital in environmental monitoring, occupational health, and meteorology, helping assess conditions that affect human comfort and well-being.

The Wet Bulb Calculator simplifies the process of determining wet bulb temperature, aiding meteorologists, environmentalists, and professionals in evaluating heat stress and humidity levels for various applications.

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