Weight Loss Percentage Calculator


About Weight Loss Percentage Calculator (Formula)

The Weight Loss Percentage Calculator is a fitness tool used to determine the percentage of weight loss achieved by an individual during their weight loss journey. It aids in tracking progress and setting realistic weight loss goals. The formula for calculating weight loss percentage involves using the initial weight and the current weight of the individual.

Formula for calculating Weight Loss Percentage:

Weight Loss Percentage = ((Initial Weight – Current Weight) / Initial Weight) * 100

In this formula:

  • “Initial Weight” is the weight of the individual at the beginning of their weight loss journey.
  • “Current Weight” is the weight of the individual at the present time.

For example, if an individual started their weight loss journey at 200 pounds and currently weighs 180 pounds, the weight loss percentage would be calculated as follows:

Weight Loss Percentage = ((200 – 180) / 200) * 100 = 10%

This means that the individual has lost 10% of their initial weight.

The Weight Loss Percentage Calculator simplifies the process of determining weight loss progress, aiding individuals, fitness enthusiasts, and health professionals in setting achievable weight loss targets. By inputting the initial and current weight, the calculator quickly provides the weight loss percentage, helping users stay motivated and on track with their weight loss goals.

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