Watts to Voltage Calculator


About Watts to Voltage Calculator (Formula)

The Watts to Voltage Calculator is a tool that helps in converting electrical power in watts to voltage. This calculator is particularly useful in electrical engineering and electronics, where it is often necessary to determine the voltage required to achieve a specific power output.

The formula used in the Watts to Voltage Calculator is straightforward:

V = W / A


  • V represents the voltage in volts (V).
  • W represents the total power in watts (W).
  • A represents the total current in amperes (A).

By inputting the total power in watts and the total current in amperes into the calculator, you can quickly obtain the corresponding voltage required to produce that power.

It’s important to note that this formula assumes a linear relationship between power, voltage, and current. In practical scenarios, electrical systems may exhibit non-linear behavior due to factors like resistance, reactance, and impedance. Therefore, this calculator provides an approximation based on the given inputs.

The Watts to Voltage Calculator simplifies the conversion process, allowing engineers and electricians to quickly determine the voltage needed for a desired power output. It is a handy tool in various applications, such as designing electrical circuits, selecting appropriate power supply units, or analyzing power consumption requirements.

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