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About Volume to Mass Calculator (Formula)

A “Volume to Mass Calculator” is a tool used to convert a volume measurement of a substance into its equivalent mass or weight. This calculator is especially useful when dealing with materials of varying densities or when converting between different units of measurement, such as milliliters to grams or liters to kilograms. The volume to mass conversion formula enables individuals to make accurate conversions between volume and mass, which is crucial in various fields including chemistry, physics, and everyday life.

The formula for calculating mass from volume and density is:

Mass = Volume × Density


  • Mass is the amount of substance in grams.
  • Volume is the amount of space the substance occupies, typically in cubic centimeters (cm³) or liters (L).
  • Density is the mass of the substance per unit volume, usually expressed in grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³) or kilograms per liter (kg/L).

This formula accounts for the fact that density relates mass and volume. By multiplying the volume by the density, you can determine the mass of the substance.

For example, if you have 500 milliliters (0.5 liters) of a liquid with a density of 0.8 g/cm³, the mass would be:

Mass = 0.5 L × 0.8 g/cm³ = 0.4 grams

This means that the 500 milliliters of the liquid has a mass of 0.4 grams.

The Volume to Mass Calculator is valuable in various scientific, industrial, and household applications. It allows for easy conversion between volume and mass, which is particularly important when dealing with liquids, gases, and materials of different densities.

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