Vmg Calculator


About Vmg Calculator (Formula)

The VMG (Velocity Made Good) Calculator is a tool used to calculate the Velocity Made Good based on the boat speed and true wind angle.

The formula used to calculate the VMG is:

VMG = Boat Speed * cos(True Wind Angle)

In this formula, “Boat Speed” represents the speed of the boat in knots, and “True Wind Angle” represents the angle between the boat’s heading and the direction of the true wind in degrees.

To calculate the VMG, the boat speed is multiplied by the cosine of the true wind angle. The resulting value represents the Velocity Made Good, which is the component of the boat’s speed in the direction of the desired course.

The VMG Calculator provided here allows you to input the boat speed in knots and the true wind angle in degrees. It will calculate the VMG for you. The result is displayed with a precision of two decimal places, indicating the Velocity Made Good in knots.

It’s important to note that the VMG represents the speed at which a boat is making progress towards its desired course. The VMG Calculator is a useful tool for sailors and navigators to assess their performance relative to the true wind direction and make informed decisions regarding their course and strategy.

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