Vertical Acceleration Calculator


About Vertical Acceleration Calculator (Formula)

The Vertical Acceleration Calculator is a tool used to determine the rate of change of velocity in the vertical direction due to the force of gravity. The formula for calculating vertical acceleration is as follows:

Vertical Acceleration = Acceleration due to Gravity


  • Vertical Acceleration: The rate of change of velocity in the vertical direction, measured in meters per second squared (m/s²).
  • Acceleration due to Gravity: The acceleration experienced by objects in free fall due to the gravitational force, typically around 9.81 m/s² on the surface of Earth.

This calculation helps understand the effect of gravity on objects in vertical motion, such as those in free fall or launched upward or downward. Vertical acceleration affects the speed at which objects move vertically and is a key factor in various scenarios involving projectiles, motion in elevators, and more.

The Vertical Acceleration Calculator simplifies the process of determining the rate of vertical acceleration due to gravity, making it useful for students, physicists, and enthusiasts interested in understanding the principles of motion.

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