Turnover Cost Calculator


About Turnover Cost Calculator (Formula)

The Turnover Cost Calculator is a helpful tool used to estimate the financial impact of employee turnover on a company or organization. This calculator takes into account various costs associated with the departure of employees and aids businesses in understanding the true cost of turnover.

The formula for the Turnover Cost Calculator involves considering several factors, which may vary based on the organization’s practices. Some common cost components include:

Turnover Cost = (Separation Costs + Replacement Costs + Training Costs + Lost Productivity Costs) * Number of Employees Departed

To use the calculator, you need to identify and quantify the different cost components involved in employee turnover:

  1. Separation Costs: Expenses related to exit interviews, paperwork, and administrative processes when an employee leaves the organization.
  2. Replacement Costs: Costs associated with recruiting and hiring a new employee, such as job postings, interviews, and background checks.
  3. Training Costs: Expenses for onboarding and training the new employee to reach the same level of productivity as the departed employee.
  4. Lost Productivity Costs: The productivity loss experienced during the transition period when the position is vacant, or the new employee is still getting up to speed.

Next, input the values of these cost components and the number of employees who have departed within a specific time frame into the formula. The result will provide an estimate of the total turnover cost for the organization.

The Turnover Cost Calculator is essential for businesses to recognize the financial impact of employee turnover and to make informed decisions about retention strategies, employee engagement, and talent management practices. By understanding the true cost of turnover, organizations can work towards reducing turnover rates and improving overall employee satisfaction and productivity.

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