Tractive Force Calculator


About Tractive Force Calculator (Formula)

The Tractive Force Calculator is a tool used to determine the force required to overcome friction and move an object. It is particularly useful in engineering, physics, and transportation scenarios.

The formula used to calculate the Tractive Force is:

Tractive Force (TF) = coefficient of friction * mass * gravity

In this formula, the mass represents the object’s mass in kilograms, the coefficient of friction represents the frictional resistance between the object and the surface, and gravity represents the acceleration due to gravity (approximately 9.8 m/s^2).

By applying these values to the formula, the calculator determines the Tractive Force, which represents the force needed to overcome friction and initiate motion.

This calculator simplifies the process of calculating the Tractive Force, providing a convenient tool for engineers, physicists, and individuals working with transportation and motion analysis.

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