Tow Rate Calculator


About Tow Rate Calculator (Formula)

The Tow Rate Calculator formula is a simple mathematical formula that calculates the tow rate ($/mile) based on the total cost of the tow and the miles towed. The formula is:

Tow Rate ($/mile) = Total Cost of the Tow ($) / Miles Towed

In this formula, “Total Cost of the Tow” refers to the cost of the tow, including any fees or charges, and “Miles Towed” refers to the distance traveled during the tow.

For example, if the total cost of the tow is $200 and the miles towed are 20 miles, then the tow rate would be calculated as follows:

Tow Rate ($/mile) = 200 / 20 = 10 ($/mile)

This means that the tow company charges $10 per mile towed. The tow rate can be useful information for customers who want to compare prices between different tow companies or for tow companies to calculate their pricing.

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