Torsion Spring Torque Calculator


About Torsion Spring Torque Calculator (Formula)

The Torsion Spring Torque Calculator is a tool used to calculate the torque exerted by a torsion spring based on the total angular displacement and the torsion spring constant. The torque represents the twisting or rotational force applied to the spring.

The formula used in the calculator is:

Tts = D * TSR


  • Tts represents the torsion spring torque.
  • D is the total angular displacement in radians.
  • TSR is the torsion spring constant in N-m/rad.

By inputting the values for angular displacement and torsion spring constant, the calculator computes the torsion spring torque. The torque is calculated by multiplying the angular displacement by the torsion spring constant.

The torsion spring torque is a crucial parameter in mechanical systems where torsion springs are used. It determines the rotational force exerted by the spring and is essential for assessing the spring’s performance and suitability for specific applications.

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