Titanium Pipe Weight Calculator


About Titanium Pipe Weight Calculator (Formula)

The Titanium Pipe Weight Calculator is a useful tool that estimates the weight of titanium pipes based on their outer radius, inner radius, and length.

To use it, simply enter in your dimensions into the calculator using this formula:

Calculating Thermal Power Unit (TPW) = pi * (r2 – r1)2 * L * d.


  • TPW is the titanium pipe weight in pounds (lbs)
  • r2 is the outside radius of the pipe in inches (in)
  • r1 is the inside radius of the pipe in inches (in)
  • L is the length of the pipe in inches (in)
  • d is the density of titanium, which is approximately 0.162 pounds per cubic inch (lbs/in^3)

This formula estimates the weight of a pipe by multiplying its cross-sectional area (p*(r2 – r1)2) by its length (L) and density (d). The outer radius is measured from the center of the pipe to its outer surface; while its inner radius measures from its center to its inner surface.

Titanium Pipe Weight Calculators can be invaluable tools for engineers and designers who need to estimate the weight of titanium pipes for various applications. This information is essential in designing support structures around them, calculating transportation costs, and assessing their load capacity. With this calculator you have an instantaneous way to get accurate weight estimates that save time and reduce errors during design.

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