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Calculating time differences between AM and PM can be a crucial task, especially when dealing with time-sensitive events or schedules. To simplify this process, a Time AM PM Calculator proves to be a handy tool. This article will guide you through using the calculator effectively and provide a working HTML and JS code to implement it on your website.

How to Use

Using the Time AM PM Calculator is straightforward. Simply enter the start time, end time, and choose the appropriate AM or PM option for each. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the time difference result instantly.


The formula used in the calculator ensures accurate time calculations:

Time Difference=(End Hours−Start Hours)×60+End Minutes−Start Minutes


Suppose you want to find the time difference between 2:30 PM and 5:45 AM. Enter the start time as 2:30 PM, end time as 5:45 AM, and select the respective AM/PM options. Click “Calculate” to get the result.


Q: Can the calculator handle time differences spanning across midnight?
A: Yes, the calculator is designed to accurately handle time differences that cross midnight.

Q: Is it necessary to select AM or PM for both start and end times?
A: Yes, it is essential to choose the correct AM or PM option for both start and end times to ensure accurate calculations.

Q: What units does the result display in?
A: The result is displayed in minutes, providing a precise measure of the time difference.


The Time AM PM Calculator simplifies the often complex task of calculating time differences, allowing users to efficiently manage their schedules. By implementing the provided HTML and JS code, you can easily integrate this calculator into your website for convenient use.

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