Thrust to Acceleration Calculator


About Thrust to Acceleration Calculator (Formula)

The Thrust to Acceleration Calculator is a tool used to calculate the acceleration produced by a given amount of thrust on an object.

The formula used by the calculator is

A = TH/m


  • A is the acceleration in meters per second squared
  • TH is the total thrust in Newtons
  • m is the mass of the object in kilograms

Newton’s second law of motion specifies that acceleration is directly proportional to force exerted on an object, while mass is inversely proportional to acceleration. When an object is propelled by a rocket or other propulsion system, its force is the thrust produced by the engine, which is in Newtons.

In order to measure the force produced by an engine, a thrust stand consists of a platform supporting the engine and a load cell measuring its thrust. In most cases, the object’s mass can be determined by weighing it or by calculating its density and volume.

Taking into account the total thrust and mass of the object, the formula A = TH/m can be used to calculate the acceleration produced by the thrust. This acceleration value is expressed in meters per second squared, which represents the rate at which the object’s velocity changes over time.

There are a number of factors that can influence the acceleration generated by a given amount of thrust, including the mass of the object, the direction and angle of the thrust, and external forces like gravity and air resistance. Based on the input values provided, the Thrust to Acceleration Calculator provides a simplified calculation, rather than a precise calculation.

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