Three Phase Power Calculator


About Three Phase Power Calculator (Formula)

The Three Phase Power Calculator is a tool designed to calculate the power in a three-phase electrical system. Three-phase power is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications, and accurately calculating the power is crucial for understanding the electrical characteristics of the system.

The formula used to calculate the three-phase power is as follows:

Three Phase Power (P) = Voltage (V) * Current (I) * Power Factor (PF) * √3

In this formula, the voltage is measured in volts (V), representing the electrical potential difference in the system. The current is measured in amperes (A), indicating the flow of electrical charge. The power factor is a unitless value that represents the efficiency of the electrical system. The √3 term represents the square root of three and accounts for the relationship between the line voltage and phase voltage in a three-phase system.

To use the Three Phase Power Calculator, you need to input the values for voltage, current, and power factor. The calculator then performs the calculation, multiplying the voltage, current, power factor, and the square root of three. The result obtained represents the three-phase power in watts (W).

By utilizing the Three Phase Power Calculator, you can accurately determine the power in a three-phase electrical system. This information is essential for various applications, including electrical system design, load analysis, and energy consumption calculations. The calculator simplifies the process and allows for quick and efficient power calculations in a three-phase system.

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