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A Treasury Note (T-Note) is a popular investment vehicle, and calculating its yield can be crucial for investors. This guide will show you how to create an HTML T-Note Calculator, allowing you to effortlessly determine the yield based on various inputs. Whether you’re an investor or just curious about how T-Note yields are calculated, this tool can be incredibly useful.

How to Use

To use the T-Note Calculator, simply follow these steps:

  1. Enter the Annual Coupon Payment ($) – the fixed interest payment the T-Note pays annually.
  2. Enter the Face Value of the T-Note ($) – the T-Note’s par value or the amount it will be worth at maturity.
  3. Enter the Purchase Price of the T-Note ($) – the price you paid to acquire the T-Note.
  4. Specify the Time to Maturity (years) – the number of years remaining until the T-Note matures.
  5. Input the Yield of the T-Note (%) – the desired yield or the interest rate you expect.

After providing these values, click the “Calculate Yield” button, and the calculator will compute the yield for you.


The formula used to calculate the yield of a T-Note is as follows:

Yield (Y) = (C + ((F – P) / t)) / ((F + P) / 2)


  • Y is the yield of the T-Note (%).
  • C is the Annual Coupon Payment ($).
  • F is the Face Value of the T-Note ($).
  • P is the Purchase Price of the T-Note ($).
  • t is the Time to Maturity (years).


Let’s say you have a T-Note with:

  • Annual Coupon Payment (C) = $40
  • Face Value (F) = $1,000
  • Purchase Price (P) = $950
  • Time to Maturity (t) = 5 years

Using the formula: Yield (Y) = ($40 + (($1,000 – $950) / 5)) / (($1,000 + $950) / 2) Yield (Y) = ($40 + ($50 / 5)) / ($1,975 / 2) Yield (Y) = ($40 + $10) / $987.5 Yield (Y) ≈ 5.08%

So, the yield of the T-Note in this example is approximately 5.08%.


1. What is a T-Note?

A T-Note, short for Treasury Note, is a fixed-income security issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury with a fixed interest rate and maturity date.

2. Why is calculating T-Note yield important?

Calculating the yield helps investors assess the potential returns of a T-Note and make informed investment decisions.

3. Can I use this calculator for T-Notes with different payment frequencies?

No, this calculator assumes an annual coupon payment. For T-Notes with different payment frequencies, you’ll need to adjust the formula accordingly.

4. Where can I find the HTML code for this calculator?

You can find the HTML code for the T-Note Calculator, along with clickable buttons, in the downloadable code snippet below.


Creating an HTML T-Note Calculator can be a valuable tool for investors and financial enthusiasts. By following the provided instructions and using the formula, you can easily calculate the yield of a Treasury Note based on its essential parameters. Download the HTML code snippet to implement this calculator with clickable buttons in your own web forms, making it user-friendly and accessible for all. Happy investing!

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