Survival Rate Calculator

Survival Rate Calculator

Survival Rate Calculator


About Survival Rate Calculator (Formula)

The Survival Rate Calculator is a tool used to determine the percentage of individuals who survive a particular event or condition. It is commonly used in medical and epidemiological studies to assess the effectiveness of treatments or interventions.

The formula used to calculate the Survival Rate is as follows:

Survival Rate = (Number of Survivors / Number of Cases) * 100

In this formula, the “Number of Survivors” refers to the total number of individuals who survived the event or condition being studied. The “Number of Cases” represents the total number of individuals who were initially affected or experienced the event. By dividing the number of survivors by the number of cases and multiplying by 100, we obtain the Survival Rate as a percentage.

The Survival Rate is a critical metric that helps quantify the effectiveness of treatments, interventions, or disease management strategies. It provides valuable insights into the proportion of individuals who successfully overcome a particular condition or event.

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