Surface Energy Calculator


About Surface Energy Calculator (Formula)

Surface energy is the energy required to increase the surface area of a liquid or solid material. It is a fundamental property of materials that affects their behavior in various applications, such as adhesion, wetting, and coating.

Surface energy can be calculated using the formula:

SE = Fst * dA

Where SE is the surface energy, Fst is the surface tension force, and dA is the change in surface area.

To use this formula, we need to know the values of Fst and dA, which can be measured experimentally. The surface tension force is the force per unit length that acts on the surface of a liquid, causing it to minimize its surface area. It is measured in newtons (N) per meter (m) or dynes per centimeter (dyn/cm).

The change in surface area is the difference between the initial and final surface areas of a material, also measured in square meters (m²) or square centimeters (cm²).

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