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About Stress Calculator (Formula)

The formula for stress is defined as force per unit area, and it’s represented by the Greek letter sigma (σ). The formula for stress is given as:

σ = F / A

Where: σ = Stress (N/m² or Pa) F = Force (N) A = Area (m²)

Stress is a measure of the internal distribution of forces within a body that balance and respond to external loads applied to it. Stress is a scalar quantity, meaning it has only magnitude and no direction. Stress is commonly used in mechanics and materials science to describe the behavior of solid materials under load.

In practice, stress is often measured in units of pressure, such as Pascals (Pa), Megapascals (MPa), or kilonewtons per square meter (kN/m²). This is why in the code above, I divided the result by 1000 to convert it to kN/m² and MPa.

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