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About Strain Calculator (Formula)

A Strain Calculator is a tool that allows users to calculate the strain of an object based on the force applied and the change in length of the object. Strain is a dimensionless unit that is used to measure the deformation of a solid object. The formula used to calculate the strain is:

Strain = (Change in Length / Original Length) x 100

Where the change in length is the difference between the final length and the original length of the object, and the original length is the initial length of the object.

This formula applies to engineering strain, which is a measure of the deformation of an object that is caused by an applied force. The strain is dimensionless, which means it does not have units like meters or feet, but it’s usually represented as a percentage.

It’s important to note that the above formula assumes that the object is a linear elastic material which means the stress-strain relationship is linear and elasticity is recoverable.

It’s also worth noting that this is a basic formula, and there are other ways to calculate the strain based on the type of the object and the force applied to it.

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