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About Star Rating Calculator (Formula)

A Star Rating Calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate the overall rating of a product or service based on the number of ratings it received for different star ratings. One common way to calculate the star rating is by using the following formula:

Star Rating = (1 star ratings x 1 + 2 star ratings x 2 + 3 star ratings x 3 + 4 star ratings x 4 + 5 star ratings x 5) / total number of ratings


  • 1 star ratings, 2 star ratings, 3 star ratings, 4 star ratings, and 5 star ratings are the number of ratings received for each star rating.
  • total number of ratings is the sum of all the ratings received for the product or service.

This formula gives more weight to higher star ratings and less weight to lower star ratings. The result is a value between 1 and 5, representing the overall rating of the product or service.

Star rating calculator can be used by businesses, websites and apps to get an idea of customer satisfaction and feedback, it’s also a way to compare different products and services with each other.


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