Spring Pitch Calculator


About Spring Pitch Calculator (Formula)

The Spring Pitch Calculator is a tool that helps engineers and designers to calculate the spring pitch of a helical spring. The spring pitch is the distance between adjacent coils of a spring and is typically measured in inches per coil.

The formula for calculating the spring pitch is:

SP = (L – 3 * D) / N


  • SP is the spring pitch in inches per coil
  • L is the free length of the spring in inches
  • D is the wire diameter of the spring in inches
  • N is the number of active coils in the spring.

The formula is based on the assumption that the ends of the spring are squared and ground, and that the spring is under no load. If the spring is under load, the spring pitch will change.

The Spring Pitch Calculator simplifies the process of computing the spring pitch by automating the formula using an online tool or a spreadsheet program. With this calculator, designers and engineers can quickly determine the spring pitch needed to achieve the desired spring characteristics for their specific application.

Knowing the spring pitch is critical for designing springs that function correctly, withstand load and maintain the desired spring rate. The spring pitch influences the spring’s ability to absorb energy, the spring’s load-bearing capacity, and the spring’s stress, which can cause fatigue and failure. Therefore, a precise calculation of the spring pitch is essential to ensure optimal performance and reliability of the spring in any given application.

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