Soul Urge Number Calculator


About Soul Urge Number Calculator

The Soul Urge Number Calculator is a tool that helps individuals discover their inner motivations and desires. It is used in numerology to determine what an individual’s heart and soul crave more than anything in this world. This number represents an individual’s dreams, hopes, and wishes. It is a lens through which individuals make decisions and it also shows how they operate in relationships.

To calculate the Soul Urge Number, one must write down their full birth name (including all middle names) on a single line, identify the vowels in the birth name, assign each vowel its numerology number and add up all the vowel numbers. This total is then reduced to a single digit.

The resulting number is then compared to the Life Path Number to determine if there is harmony between the two numbers. If the numbers match, it is easy for the individual to make decisions. But if there is a mismatch, the individual may feel conflicted from time to time and may find it hard to make decisions.

It is important to note that the Soul Urge Number is only one aspect of numerology and that a more complete understanding of an individual’s numerology can be obtained by looking at other numbers such as Life Path Number, Expression Number, and others.


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