Simple 10-Year Mortgage Calculator



Calculating mortgage payments over a 10-year period can be a complex task, but with the right tool, it becomes a breeze. In this article, we’ll introduce a simple yet powerful 10-Year Mortgage Calculator using HTML and JavaScript.

How to Use

To utilize the calculator, input the necessary details such as loan amount, interest rate, and loan term. Click the “Calculate” button to instantly obtain the monthly mortgage payment for a 10-year period.


The formula used for the calculation is the standard formula for calculating monthly mortgage payments:


  • is the monthly mortgage payment.
  • is the principal loan amount.
  • is the monthly interest rate (annual rate divided by 12 and converted to a decimal).
  • is the total number of payments (loan term in years multiplied by 12).


Let’s consider a loan amount of $150,000, an annual interest rate of 4%, and a 10-year term. Plugging these values into the formula, we get:

The calculated monthly payment would be the result.


Q1: Can I use this calculator for other loan terms?

A1: No, this calculator is specifically designed for 10-year mortgage calculations.

Q2: Is the formula used here standard for all mortgage calculations?

A2: Yes, the formula is widely accepted and used for calculating monthly mortgage payments.

Q3: Are there any hidden fees not considered in the calculation?

A3: The calculator focuses on the basic monthly payment and may not include additional fees. Consult with your lender for a comprehensive breakdown.


This 10-Year Mortgage Calculator simplifies the process of estimating monthly payments. By inputting the required details, users can swiftly obtain accurate results. It provides a valuable tool for individuals planning their finances over a 10-year mortgage term.

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