Shadow Length Calculator


About Shadow Length Calculator (Formula)

The Shadow Length Calculator is a tool used to determine the length of a shadow cast by an object based on the object’s height and the angle of the sun. It aids in various applications such as architecture, photography, and outdoor activities where understanding shadow lengths is essential. The formula for calculating the shadow length involves using the height of the object, the angle of elevation of the sun, and trigonometric functions.

Formula for calculating Shadow Length:

Shadow Length = Object Height × tan(Angle of Elevation of Sun)

In this formula:

  • “Object Height” refers to the height of the object casting the shadow.
  • “Angle of Elevation of Sun” is the angle at which the sun’s rays strike the object’s top, usually measured from the horizon.

The Shadow Length Calculator simplifies the process of determining shadow lengths, aiding architects, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts in various scenarios. By inputting the object’s height and the angle of the sun, the calculator quickly provides the shadow length, enabling users to plan and make informed decisions related to positioning, lighting, and shadow effects.

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