Scrum Velocity Calculator


About Scrum Velocity Calculator (Formula)

The Scrum Velocity Calculator is a tool used in Agile project management to estimate the amount of work a Scrum team can complete within a given time frame (usually a sprint). Scrum velocity is a measure of the team’s productivity and is calculated based on the total number of story points completed in a sprint. The formula for calculating Scrum velocity is as follows:

Scrum Velocity = Total Story Points Completed in a Sprint


  • Scrum Velocity: The measure of the team’s productivity, typically expressed in story points.
  • Total Story Points Completed in a Sprint: The sum of story points associated with user stories, tasks, or backlog items that the team successfully completed within a sprint.

Scrum teams use velocity as a planning tool for future sprints. By analyzing historical velocity data, teams can forecast how many story points they can complete in upcoming sprints. This helps with setting realistic goals and managing stakeholder expectations.

It’s important to note that Scrum velocity is not a measure of the absolute speed of the team; rather, it’s a relative measure that provides insight into the team’s capacity and efficiency. The Scrum team’s velocity can change over time due to factors like team composition, changes in skill levels, and external disruptions.

Using the Scrum Velocity Calculator simplifies the process of determining the team’s productivity level and aids in sprint planning and continuous improvement efforts.

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