Screw Jack Force Calculator


About Screw Jack Force Calculator (Formula)

Screw Jack Force Calculator is a tool used to calculate the force produced by a screw jack based on the load, pitch of the thread, and the lever arm radius. The formula used to calculate the Screw Jack Force (Fsj) is:

Fsj = (L * p) / (2 * π * R)


  • Fsj is the Screw Jack Force in pounds (lb)
  • L is the load on the screw jack in pounds (lb)
  • p is the pitch of the thread in inches (in)
  • R is the lever arm radius in inches (in)
  • π is the mathematical constant pi, approximately equal to 3.14159

The formula indicates that the Screw Jack Force is directly proportional to the load and the pitch, and inversely proportional to the lever arm radius. Therefore, increasing the load or the pitch, or decreasing the lever arm radius, will increase the Screw Jack Force. Conversely, decreasing the load or the pitch, or increasing the lever arm radius, will decrease the Screw Jack Force.

By using the Screw Jack Force Calculator, the formula can be applied quickly and accurately to obtain the Screw Jack Force, making it a useful tool for mechanical engineers and designers in various industries.

Applications of Screw Jack Force Calculations

In engineering and industry, Screw Jack Force calculations are used for lifting and positioning heavy loads with precision. Some of the most common applications are the following:

1. Lifting heavy loads:

When lifting heavy loads, such as in the automotive or construction industries, it is often necessary to calculate the Screw Jack Force so that the right jack configuration and size can be determined.

2. Positioning equipment and machinery:

Engineers can also use Screw Jacks to precisely position machinery or equipment, like in the manufacturing or assembly industries, by calculating the required Screw Jack Force and configuring the jack accordingly.

3. Stabilizing structures:

Bridges and buildings can be stabilized with Screw Jacks by applying a force against external loads or movements. The Screw Jack Force can be calculated to determine the amount of force needed to stabilize a structure.

4. Adjusting heights:

Engineers can use Screw Jacks to adjust the height of platforms or stages, such as in the entertainment industry. By calculating the Screw Jack Force, engineers can select the appropriate jack and determine how many jacks are necessary.

Overall, the applications of Screw Jack Force calculations are diverse and can be found in many industries where heavy loads need to be lifted, positioned, or stabilized.

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