Rowing SPM Calculator


About Rowing SPM Calculator (Formula)

The Rowing SPM Calculator measures the speed and efficiency of a rowing stroke by measuring the number of strokes per minute (SPM) taken by a rower or a rowing team.

Using SPM’s formula, you can calculate the rate of strokes per minute by measuring the time it takes to complete a specific number of strokes, usually 10 or 20.

The formula is:

SPM = (Number of Strokes / Time) x 60

In the fixed interval, strokes are how many strokes are taken per second, and time is how long it takes to complete the interval.

For example, if a rower completes 20 strokes in 15 seconds, the SPM would be:

SPM = (20 / 15) x 60 = 80

Using the Rowing SPM Calculator, rowers and coaches can enter strokes and time intervals and the calculator calculates and displays the SPM.

For rowers and coaches, a Rowing SPM Calculator can be an invaluable tool in analyzing and optimizing stroke rate and technique. The tool can also be helpful for determining training goals and improving rowing performance.

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