Roof Slope Calculator


About Roof Slope Calculator (Formula)

The Roof Slope Calculator is a tool used to determine the slope or pitch of a roof based on its rise and run measurements. It aids in construction, architecture, and roofing projects, helping to ensure proper drainage and structural integrity. The formula for calculating the roof slope involves considering the rise and run measurements.

Formula for calculating roof slope:

Roof Slope = Rise / Run

In this formula, “Rise” represents the vertical measurement from the top of the roof to its highest point, and “Run” represents the horizontal measurement from the top of the roof to the end of the horizontal span. Dividing the rise by the run provides the roof slope.

For example, if the rise of a roof is 6 feet and the run is 12 feet, the roof slope would be calculated as follows:

Roof Slope = 6 feet / 12 feet = 0.5 or 1:2

This means that the roof has a slope of 0.5 or 1:2, indicating that for every 1 unit of vertical rise, there are 2 units of horizontal run.

The Roof Slope Calculator simplifies the process of determining the slope or pitch of a roof, aiding in construction planning, roofing designs, and ensuring proper water drainage on roofs. By inputting the rise and run measurements, the calculator quickly provides the roof slope, allowing individuals in the construction and architectural fields to make accurate measurements and design decisions for roofing projects.

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