Road Camber Calculator


About Road Camber Calculator (Formula)

The Road Camber Calculator is a handy tool that measures the angle of inclination (camber angle) of a road, also known as its camber angle. This angle plays an integral role in road design, as it affects vehicle safety and comfort while traveling on it.

The Road Camber Calculator applies a formula that looks like this:

A = atan(H/B)

Where A is the camber angle in degrees, H is its height, and B is the width or base of the road.

The atan() function is a mathematical expression that returns the arctangent of a value in degrees, multiplied by 180/p.

The camber angle of a road is designed to facilitate proper drainage of rainwater and prevent accumulation on the road surface. Additionally, it helps compensate for lateral forces acting on vehicles as they navigate curves; too much camber can cause vehicles to lose traction and skid, while too little camber causes vehicles to slide towards the outside edge of the curve.

Road Camber Calculator – A helpful tool for road designers, engineers, and anyone involved in road construction or maintenance. By entering the height and width of a road, this calculator quickly determines an optimal camber angle to ensure safe and comfortable driving conditions.

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